WIN Time 

WIN Time (What I Need Time) is a set amount of time during the school day that is designated as work time for students.  The philosophy of WIN Time is to give students time for decide for themselves how they will utilize their work time while in the school.

 The application of WIN Time is directly tied to the student’s academics in school:

·       Any student in grades 7-12 that are receiving a D- or F  in any class MUST report to that teacher or teacher’s classroom after attendance has been taken in their designated HomeBase. 

o   Teachers will work out logistics of where students will report.

o   If a teacher is out of the building, students will still report to that teacher’s classroom

·       Students who do not report to their designated areas:

o   1st offense, 30 minutes of detention

o   2nd offense, 60 minutes of detention

o   3rd offense, ½ Day of In-School Suspension

·       Any student can be requested by any teacher regardless of the student’s current academic status to report to their classroom to work or review class material.

·       A teacher can request an entire class/part of a class report to their classroom for academic instruction/review

·       Students who are not academically ineligible and have not been requested to report to a teacher’s classroom would have a general study hall that is their to use as they desire.

o   Students are recommended to use this time to complete any homework or assignments that they may have due or overdue

o   9-12 students will report to the High School Lobby/High School Gym

o   7-8 students will report to the multi-purpose room/lunch room

§  Weather permitting, students may go outside at the discretion of the WIN Time supervisor

o   Students are not permitted to leave the school campus during this time

o   General school conduct is still expected and required

·       Clubs & activities (i.e. Speech & Drama) can utilize this time for meetings if the students requested to attend are not previously requested to report to a teacher for academic purposes.


WIN Time Procedure

At the beginning of WIN Time:

  • 9-12 Students will report to their HomeBase where attendance will be taken and then students will be dismissed to their designated areas. 
  • 7-8 Students will report to their HomeBase where attendance will be taken and then dismissed to their designated areas.