Homework Camp Policy

Philosophy:  We want to increase the punctuality of assignment completion in order for students to stay current on class topics and improve their grades/learning.

Role of Homework Camp Supervisor:  To support students in completing assignments by engaging with them one-on-one and providing them tools to help them succeed.


All 7th-12th grade class students will be held to this policy.

If students do not have an assignment done for class, they will be required to stay after school that day or the next for homework camp.  Students will attend homework camp until ALL missing assignments have been turned in to assigning teachers.   


  • If the quality of the work the student is turning is not at the standard the student and teachers know that the student is capable of, the student will be required to report to homework camp even if the assignment is complete, to redo the assignment correctly.  Simply filling in the blanks or putting down random answers is not acceptable or quality work.
  •  Students will report to the high school office to make a call home to tell parents they are going to homework camp that night or the following night.  If students complete their unfinished assignment by the end of the day, they can have their classroom teacher verify it is done and be removed from the list for camp that night.
  • Homework camp will be held Monday-Friday 3:15-4:15, Wednesdays 2:10 - 3:10, and Saturdays 8-11 am.  Students must stay until work is completed with one hour maximum.
  • If students skip homework camp on the second day without having completed the missing assignment, they will have a lunch detention and will be required to go to homework camp that night (if the assignment is still missing).  Serving three lunch detentions will require attending an entire Saturday homework camp session.
  • In the event of inclement weather (such as an early out due to snow) or an absence due to illness, students will attend homework camp on the next school day if their assignments are not completed.
  • Only teachers assigning homework camp can remove students from the attendance list. If the assigning teacher is absent, the office can remove a student from the list after verifying with the assigning teacher that assignment is completed.
  • Teacher quality money will reimburse teachers for staying.

Teachers will utilize a shared Google doc of students who need to stay