Riceville High School Course Requirements

Class of 2017 and Beyond

Credit Requirements:

English:  4 years (English I, English II, speech, six trimesters of electives)
Math:  3 years
Science:  3 years (biology, physical science, three trimesters of elective)
Social Studies:  3 years (American history, world history, government, economics, one trimester of elective)
Health: Health I and CPR training
PE:  one trimester per year
Computers: advanced computer applications
Character Ed.: character development and leadership class one trimester (jr./snr.)
Personal Finance: one-trimester class (junior/senior year)
Transitional Planning:  one job shadow and five hours community service per year of high school attendance

Total Number of Credits:

English: 12
Math: 9
Science: 9
Social Studies: 9
Computer: 1
Health: 1
CPR: 0
PE: 4
Character Ed.: 1
Transitional Planning: 1
Personal Finance: 1
Electives: 31

Total:  79

Recommended class pathway

Freshmen Classes

English I
Integrated Math I or Algebra I
Health I
Advanced computer applications

Sophomore Classes

English II, speech
Physical science
Integrated Math II or geometry
American or world history

Junior Classes

Three language arts electives
Chemistry, Physics, or Science Elective
Integrated Math III or Alg. II
American history or world history
One history elective

Senior Classes

Three language arts electives
College bound students highly suggested PreCalculus
Character development and leadership
Personal finance